Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Thanks (again!) and final blogiversary draw.

Well...blogiversary month is drawing to a close. Last week's winner is the sadly blogless Lo Sing who lives here in Ottawa and must have "blog begginers" luck because she just found my blog and entered and won!

Final draw is this week and up for grabs are these two skeins of handspun. It is a wool/silk blend (sorry I don't have the percentages). I don't know the yardage but I can tell you there is 100 g (3.5 oz) in there and it is roughly fingering weight (give or take a bit of thick/thin here and there). This is spun from this roving. The colours are definitely watermelon-y and this picture isn't too bad. The sheen from the silk is lovely! If you haven't won already this month, send your entry email to me at ambergem1969 at hotmail dot com by Wednesday next to win!

Sienna is doing semi-okay - she's still iffy on the leg and I probably need more anti-inflammatories but we'll see how things go for a bit.

As for the Afghan from Hell...thanks for the excellent advice - you are all right of course...its just...well there's the never finished Mother's Day quilt guilt (it went un-built) of 1992 to consider...

I'll keep you posted on the ultimate decision.


Leanne said...

Okay, so that explains why I haven't won anything yet. I was apparently holding out for the yarn! Email has been sent.

northtwilight said...

Hey kiddo,

Long time no speak - have found a cool (though somewhat obnoxious after a while) site with ... pics of cats. You've probably seen it.

However, thought you'd be mildly interested. Hope the cat is doing better.