Thursday, January 11, 2007

Personal Girl has a dream…

So remember when I met the Yarn Harlot and totally froze into a quivering mass nervousness with an apparent stutter?

Yesterday I was reading Renée’s blog about how she went to see the Yarn Harlot and I think that probably sparked this dream:

I am with someone (male I think) on a packed Greyhound bus and we are sitting at a table because this Greyhound bus? It’s also a full service gourmet restaurant. (Shut up, its my subconscious). And we’re sipping wine and laughing and I look over and Stephanie and her husband are right there eating at the table next to us. Needless to say, quarters are tight (it is still a bus after all) and we start joking about things and next thing I know I’m whipping a sock out of my purse (oddly it is the blue one I was knitting when she came to Ottawa – the one I frogged for the 15th millionth time and haven’t had the nerve to cast on again) and she looks all impressed. And then I realize there are 5 or 6 Ottawa knitting meetup folks on the bus too and Lissa is in this incredible gothic looking wedding dress. The bus drops Lissa off in a parking lot and we all applaud as she gets off the bus (alone) and heads off towards a strip mall.

And then the alarm went off…thank god.


Lissa said...

Didn't you know? I always wear my wedding dress to the strip mall. and to the strip clubs, for that matter! Ok, I kid, but that's fantastic!
Hey, I found out it's Reverend Kopke doing my wedding. O.o

Jeanne said...

Hmmm...perhaps you ate something before you went to sleep? Isn't it great how odd dreams are?

Renee said...

That's funny. Next time you meet her you'll be really hip and cool and she will look at your sock and be impressed.

Yvette said...

That is so funny! Amazing that you remember it all.
Stephanie aka, Yarn Harlot, is actually totally down to earth and normal. No need for nervousness.