Sunday, January 7, 2007

Picture post...

Many apologies for the absence. For the last month I have been coughing...and coughing...oh...did I happen to mention coughing? I am so freakin' tired of it! Am taking my ashma meds but am also waiting on the results of a chest X-ray last week to make sure I don't have pneumonia. Fun!

But I have been knitting!!! And I have progress to show.

First - Madeline models her finally finished poncho (free pattern from Stephanie). I will admit that I quit a bit early -- I would have liked it a bit longer down the arm but I was running out...out of wool and patience and space on the cable needle!

Clapotis in Eden Madil (100% bamboo) - am waiting on a better picture but apparently this warm weather is keeping the recipient from wearing it. I'm sure if you beg in the comments we'll get something - Oh...and HAPPY BIRTHDAY wanna-baa!!!!

Handspun hats for quick grab before running outside. You can't really make out the pretty cabling on the red one.

This is a stash buster I started as an easy thing to knit when the kids are around and I can't follow a patter. It's My so-called scarf with a little help from the girls at Mason Dixon. Knit in Berrocco Foliage I've had in the stash for almost two years and couldn't part with in the recent "Grand Stash Giveaway" (which involved 3 huge bags of old much maligned acrylic and novelty stuff going to my ex's girlfriend).

The easy knit is an alternative to this:

Maie Landra's Charlotte Web Shawl which I am not knitting in Koigu (I know...shocking) but rather in five shades from Apple Laine - dyed locally by a woman from my guild. This stuff is very very gorgeous - wool, silk, mohair and bit of nylon - strong, shiny and knits beautifully. I am also working on some socks in this.

This is the lovely pink and copper roving from my birthday plied and ready to become...something.

Here are some old, pre-camera finished knits from last winter's accessories for kids knitting extravaganza...

Alex's Christmas gift in 2005:

I will never knit another jester hat as long as I live. Just sayin'.

A handful of lonely mittens...following a basic pattern - my first attempt at fairisle on the right. Before I learned to carry loosely across the back. Good thing Madeline has small hands.

So I continue to cough. And knit. So far this new year? Not exactly starting auspiciously.


Jeanne said...

Wonderful projects! The shawl is just beautiful...and the mittens, hats,'ve been busy! I hope you feel better soon, and that 2007 is a very good year for you.

Leanne said...

Wow, you have been busy! Lovely stuff! I hope you're feeling better soon.