Thursday, December 7, 2006

Update soon...promise

If I haven't completely lost you yet with my lack of posting I beg your patience and understanding. A number of significantly insignificant (but somehow still a "big deal" in government-speak) are coming up for me work-wise next week and so I've kinda been intellectually trapped at work, emotionally trapped by escalating sibling rivalry at home and physically trapped by my knitting...

Of which I must say...I have some Finished Objects for you!!! Wait...I have two finished projects and most of the first half of a sock. Pictures at eleven.

One of my blog friends recently suffered through a crocheted blanket that seemed endless. I have my own version of please, feel free to hum along...

This is the poncho that never ends!
It knits on and on, my friends!
One day, I started knitting it
Not knowing what it was,
And now I've had to keep knitting it,
Perhaps or just because...
this is the poncho that never ends....

(just keep singing)

My hands hurt...every second round adds four stitches and it hurts to think about exactly how long it takes to do a round now. 20 grams of wool almost isn't enough and I may have to dye a spin more to get it long enough.

In the meantime, the recipient just keeps growing!

Question: Is it really ethically wrong to deny your children food so they stop growing, just to be sure they will fit in a knitted item?



Lissa said...

Financially sound, ethically questionable. You probably shouldn't press your luck so close to Christmas - Santa might give you coal.

Renee said...

Ummmm, lemme see....ethically wrong to deprive them of food. Perfectly fine to force them into clothes that is technically too small.

I feel for you. I still shudder when I think of that afghan (perhaps 'bedspread' would be a better term).

Jeanne said...

The problem with not giving them food is that they would complain - and that would probably be really annoying! I'd go with the forcing them to wear things that are too small.