Monday, October 2, 2006

The holidays start early this year!

Huge thank you to Miranda - my fibre angel from the Spin Roving Swap for the following envelope of corriedale-y goodness. Miranda also included an awesome sounding pattern for a crocheted hat...which definitely fits one of the criteria for the swap - to give your recipient something that will "stretch" them. Crochet will definitely give me a new challenge should I choose to accept it!

If it wasn't so soft and lustrous and begging to be spun, I'd consider keeping it and wrapping it around my little Christmas tree.

Thanks again Miranda!

In other news - the felted bag is STILL DRYING -- 48 hours and counting. If there are any felting folks out there, please advise if this is normal!


Kate said...

I have found felt takes as long as it wants to dry - but 48 hours sounds quite long. I don't know whether I might just keep it less wet than you have, but I suppose there is no harm in it being wet - other than the risk of mildew. Have you got it somewhere airy to dry?

Jeanne said...

Very nice roving - can't wait to see how it spins up. As far as the felted bag - can you throw it in the dryer for a little bit? I've only done one felted thing and it didn't take that long to dry.