Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sheep are too damned sheepy

Major apologies for absence...but I've been kind of boring until today. When I bought one pound of this:

I cannot believe that anyone in their right mind would buy, let alone allow, this mess of fleece, dirt, more dirt and even more dirt into their house, no matter how dirty or smelly.

But I wish I had a better camera because the crimp on this stuff is phenomenal. I washed some of it. Now it is...well...slightly less dirty. And its also wet.

I'm really really hoping that I can comb out the vegetable matter. I was also utterly convinced my poor sheep got cut during his/her close shave...but apparently when you break up a burr with the shears, it has incredible bright red dyeing properties.

For the interested...this is one pound of okay-I'll-try-washing-it-myself test Rambouillet (these don't look very clean either do they?). So far I am underwhelmed.

I've been very spoiled by this.

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Jeanne said...

That's a nice fleece! I bought one, and decided its just a lot easier to buy roving....its not the washing I mind, its all the hand carding! Good luck with it - can't wait to see it spun.