Saturday, September 30, 2006

I have 7 unfinished projects, of course I cast on this:

And here the divine miss M. is rollin' with the homies (and providing an all important sense of scale)

Mr. Bighead also obliges us with a happier "Santa's Drunken Elf who lost a tooth in a bar fight and won!" look

I confess I wasn't really sure what the whole deal with felting was...but it did only take two days of knitting to finish this (made btw out of less than four luscious skeins of Manos del Uruguay). With some trepidation I threw the whole loose sad mess into a pillowcase and then into the washing machine, and...


I'm totally hooked on felting now.


Jeanne said...

Very nice - love the colors!

miss ewe said...

I have mixed feelings about felting. I haven't yet done it... Kind of feels like a rip off to knit miles and miles of fabric, only to shrink it. But it is beautiful... I have a felted purse kit, maybe I'll give that a go.