Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Okay, not lots of pics...but some pics

This is a bobbin full of single ply alpaca...

Which has become 330 yds (125 gms) of fingering/lace weight that looks like this:

And this (cause I'm proud of my accomplishment show off!)

I have about 75 more grams to spin so I should have a decent amount for???? A narrow lacey scarf? Yummy alpaca-y mittens? Its so soft and pretty I kinda want to mount it and frame it but it might be lost on the non-fibery folks.

jeanne wrote: Come on, post pictures of the roving!

Sorry darling- you're just gonna have to wait!

The sadly blogless wanna-baa wrote: Oh. P.S. KNIT!

I sense an underlying motive here!

And the last word goes to:

My plan for complete world domination is complete. The yarn will be unsupervised and all the cats will be free! Free I tell you...FFFREEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! about the empty food dish...


Jeanne said...

The fingering is beautiful - your spinning is really nice. I think it would make a great lace scarf! Are you going to dye it or leave it natural?

Renee said...

Unfortunate for the cat that she doesn't have opposable thumbs, huh?

blogless wanna-baa said...

Okay, it may not mean much because I have NO practical idea how much work/talent/bloodsweatandtears go into such feats but I am INCREDIBLY IMPRESSED WITH YOUR SPINNING!!! Holy ****!! I think I only just really realized you're MAKING this stuff and not BUYING it like that (I know, I'm slow). Good work!!
But am even more (selfishly?) impressed with your KNITTING! :)

miss ewe said...

that is a priceless kitty pic