Monday, September 25, 2006

Random Monday...

Still working long hours and am mostly brain dead (the part that isn't dead is considering becoming a disgruntled employee.)

1. It might be a bad sign when your answer to being asked how you are is "Going postal soon, how 'bout you? Are YOU having a GOOD day? Hunh? Having fun?"

2. I just ate a humongous coffee crisp and then read the ingredients. How educational. I'm going to be dead by morning so I might as well share: sugar, wheat flour, modified palm and vegetable oils, modified milk ingredients, hydrogenated soybean oil, unsweetned chocolate, cocoa butter, soya lecithin, lactose, coffee, sodium bicarbonate, yeast (hunh? really yeast?) polyglylcerol polyricinoleate, artifical flavour. Friends don't let friends eat Coffee Crisp. I'm just saying.

3. I have some pretty pictures on my camera. But I don't want to ruin the roving swap partner surprise (Hi!). But here's a you eat the red ones last? (Canadian keeners can stop bouncing up and down waving their hands and yelling OH! OH! OH!)

4. Guess what! Its Wednesday randomness now. Wherever did Monday AND Tuesday go?

5. I have spun up the most beauteous fingering weight alpaca...I am IN LOVE...(pics at 11). Now I must figure out what colour to dye it. Suggestions?

6. I have knitting guilt. As in, I haven't been knitting much in favour of spinning the alpaca and sleeping and going to work. This is supposed to be a hobby!!

7. I love Starbucks. This is a good relationship to have because they seem determined to keep me happy and well caffeinated. Plus they have Splenda.

I have lost my mind.


wanna-baa said...

Thanks A LOT. Coffee crisp was my if-I-have-to-have-a-chocolate-bar-at-least-I'll-have-this-light-if-not-healthy-then-at-least-nutrient-neutral-nice-light-snack bar. Now what the hell am I going to use to feed my denial??? At least you could put a spoiler disclaimer at the beginning of your post (personally I take my glasses off before eating such things, so I can't read the ingredients).

Oh. P.S. KNIT!

Podgy said...

Splenda, eh? I'm a die-hard Timmy's girl, but they use the stuff in the yellow packages. I may have to cheat on Tim and try out a Starbucks. Promise not to tell? *grin*

Jeanne said...

Polyglylcerol polyricinoleate....yumm...! Sorry that work is diffcult right now, but I hope you don't mind if I steal your answer to "how are you" - love it! Come on, post pictures of the roving!