Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My meetings are having meetings...

In case you can’t tell…work is busy! Not that I’ve actually been at work since last week. But it sure seems to be hopping right now and since I’m back to today, I am reluctantly hopping along too.

But there is always time for blogging…especially close to lunch when my brain is all mushy and hungry.

First on the agenda – start overs.

The regime has gone all to hell. Too many cookies. And I know I’m bingeing when I eat icky cookies.

I also went into “financial ruin denial” but I seem to be back on track there. There may have been a bit of slippage at Yarn Forward involving some Misti Alpaca laceweight in green and some 3.5 mm Addi Turbos. There may have been some casting on and lace knitting of this. Just maybe…

Second on the agenda…practical person confronts energy healer and meditation and ends up sobbing in front of 30 people.

And I blame the entire icky cookie binge on this.

So I’m at this teachers retreat for the church I go to and the coordinator invited a Reiki master, mediation teacher, energy healer to lead us through some meditations and some exercises to identify negative thinking and how to deal with them.

So fine. Its all a bit airy-fairy for me generally. I like meditation though. It makes me relaxed and sleepy so that’s okay with me. But the last exercise is a “gift meditation” where you ask your subconscious/the universe a question and then go into the meditation where you are eventually led to a point where a being presents you with a box and you look in the box and whatever is in there is supposed to symbolize the answer to your question.

I didn’t make it to the gift part. Early on she asked us to imagine being surrounded by love. For some reason I saw my kids and parents coming towards me with a sense of absolute acceptance, kindness and compassion.

That’s when the weeping started.

Anyway – what does it mean when the energy healer specifically hands you her card and says “Here. You are really close and I know I can help you.”? Would you go? Has anyone out there done this sort of thing?

I just want to stop with the food already!


Jeanne said...

I think the most important thing in any diet is to just accept that you fell off the wagon and just go on. I think sometimes its actually good to reward yourself (just not maybe with icky cookies- good cookies yes!). I can't give you any advice on the energy healer thing - I've never done it. But just wanted to say that you aren't alone - since I bought 3 different lace weight yarns today for one shawl (I just said last night that I really won't buy any more yarn!). But I'm sure you will go back to what you want to accomplish and do well. Just don't kill yourself about it.

miss ewe said...

That stole is gorgeous. Anyone rational would have slipped.

wanna-baa said...

Re: the energy healer - I'm voting for no, though if you want to give it a shot as emotional release why not... BUT knowing you as I *think* you do, I think it may a) raise more questions for you than it answers (which you'll have to go over with Sherry anyway) b)find you new things to analyze you haven't thought of (which honestly, do you have time or energy for? they may be even more cookie-inducing than normal) c) be something that even if you find something interesting out, your 'scientific side' for lack of a better description (or your anti-artsy-fartsy side), won't trust it enough to do anything with it anyway. I did know one girl who did it and loved it but I would say she falls under the Persona Girl category and she had most of her answers already...
But Good For You for doing the retreat and getting out there - I'm admiring you, sitting here in my comfortable little suburban denial and would admire you for calling her number and trying it out :)