Thursday, September 7, 2006

You know you are on a diet when...

(and I'm referencing lots of diets - yarn diets, weight loss diets, debt reduction diets)...

  • stopping a colleague and sniffing them to see if you can smell chocolate seems like reasonable office behaviour.
  • you count the calories in your vitamins.
  • these qualify as dessert.
  • you can't fall asleep because you are too busy plotting your next "happy meal".
  • you start pondering the role of food in your life and volley back and forth between feeling like a victim and conqueror.
  • coffee becomes a food with cream is dessert
  • you stop trolling your yarn stash because if it becomes too familiar you may suddenly realize you don't have enough
  • you run out and buy scads of green yarn to see you through the dark days of the yarn diet knowing that you don't normally buy green but don't want to be caught short when the perfect green project appears and has to be knit NOW.
  • you have online shopping carts with stuff in them all over the 'net waiting for that lottery win.
  • spending money on anything is measured in lost cups of in "if I buy that skein of really yummy alpaca silk lace weight, it will cost me 2 months worth of coffee"
  • you have a purse full of envelopes, stolen from work, labelled things like "spending money" "groceries" and "school supplies" Sadly there is no envelope labelled "yarn money"

I have had a few victories so far...

  • I did NOT go into overdraft in August - okay I did but only because the bank cleared a cheque hours before my paycheque went in.
  • I did not supplement my income with my credit card.
  • My skirts are a bit looser...just a bit. But that's WAY better than tighter!
  • I continue to putter away on projects and although I don't feel much closer to the finish line with them I may be shocked to discover something is finished one of these days.


Jeanne said...

Great list...and congrats on things being looser! I had to laugh at the shopping carts all over the net - I think I have carts at several sites!

Renee said...

Sounds like progress to me! I have all those envelopes in my purse but I have a special section where a twenty dollar bill sometimes "falls" that I consider to be my yarn money. You know money, it's always getting lost and falling into dark little holes.

As for the calcium soft chews - yuck! Odd when the selling points are "shellfish free, lead free, no gluten".

wanna-baa said...

VERY sad when all the copy writer has to fall back on is Lead Free. Gee, I'll keep looking on the site for the ones WITH lead. Why would anyone need to make calcium chews WITH lead, may I ask?
And now I'm off to check my carton in the cupboard, see if LEAD is on the ingredient list...