Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Why didn't I knit!?

I finally have a picture of the "Baby Blanket that Devoured the Month of June" to share. I love this so much and I wish I'd knit when my kids were bambinos. Actually, I knit some for Madeline - two little sweaters she never wore because she lived in sleepers and onesies. And honestly? I had so many clothes it never crossed my mind that she should actually wear the stuff I had knit. Plus my gauge? Seriously off. I wonder if I was so afraid it wouldn't fit her I didn't dare put it on?

Which brings me to another thing I have come to realize. I like sweaters. I admire sweaters. I think sweaters are way cool.

I don't want to knit one.

I feel like this makes me a pseudo-knitter. I have the equipment, but I am only masquerading as a real knitter. Persona Girl would knit a zillion sweaters in complicated entrelac-lace patterns and perfect gauge. And quickly too. She also knits in colours she hates because it is for someone else. Of course she also only ever knits one project at a time, doesn't have yarn on display in her fridge and dyed bits of roving pretending to be carpet (oohhh...note to self...knit cute rug).

But that's okay - cause we hates her don't we?!

So I will knit...scarves, stoles, shawls, hats, mittens, socks, rugs, dishclothes and face towels, and afghans. I might even do a tank top or short sleeve job-y.

And I will covet sweaters. And maybe somedayI'll even knit one.

But for today...we have the Mission Falls baby blanket that is awaiting its intended recipient due in September:

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Renee said...

Very cute blanket. I knit sweaters for my babies too but in the end it is a waste of time because they grow too fast and typically a sweater looks goofy on a small baby. Toddler sweaters are a bit more practical so I keep knitting those. I say don't knit sweaters if you don't want to. There is so much in life that we all have to do that it's nice to be able to do only what we want with our hobbies.