Saturday, August 26, 2006

Picture day!

Lest you begin to believe that my life is completely consumed by small furry creatures with no regard for fibre, let me assure you that knitting and spinning continues despite wanton disregard for toilet paper and jailbreaks...

First up...a Finished Object! The broadripple socks, which I started in February, are done.

As a bonus, they even happen to fit.

Because I am on a yarn diet, I kinda took a break from the whole knitting and spinning thing for a few days to focus on the other diets too: finance and food. But finishing the socks was pretty motivating. We have on the needles:

Madeline sock which I frogged and cast on again onto larger needles. I also gave up on the bamboo needles. I absolutely hate the friction. Honestly, I prefer cheap metal needles. So, I'm not a cool knitter but at least I am a happy one...

(photo would appear if blogger would time)

Next up - my mom requested an afghan for the back of her living room couch and I saw an opportunity to bust some stash. She contributed some cash to buy here is the stash waiting to be knit...

And here is the start of the blanket (with bonus purchase of my first set of Addi Turbos which are METAL and which I am very attached to now).

Madeline's poncho continues. My spinning got some much tigher (read overspun) and thin that I had to switch to knitting with two strands to keep the thickness of the fabric consistent. Fortunately as this is outerwear, I don't think the fact that it is none too soft is a big issue. Either way, I know she will be thrilled...which is always a nice thing.

Now, I happen to know there is someone out there in my vast reading audience (gigglesnort) who may have a vested interest in the know who you are.

And some spinning.

Here we have my most proudest singles (does anyone besides me have a problem with spinning terminology? - i.e. unplied is called a "singles" - yup apparently you are supposed to pluralize the word single. And sliver? Is pronounced sly-ver.) I am proud because this single is NOT overspun...and the thickness is relatively consistent. Plus it is pretty and I've decided to name the colourway Carousel.

The big issue isthat if I ply carousel with another singles I will lose the stiping - unless I learn how to navajo ply. I am NOT ready to navajo ply carousel because my first attempts at it have produced -- un-useable skeins of overspun crap.

(again - we'd have pics if blogger liked me at all)

Finally - the skein of brown/copper/rust I've dyed, spun and plied for Mom's Stash Busting Afghan.

And I swatched the purple-yellow stuff from before. Ithink I like the straight stockinette in the bottom half better than the basketweave or moss stitch which seem to give a more heathered look that I'm not all that fond of. Opinions welcome!


wanna-baa said...


Actually thinking THAT will make up for the horrible time I'm about to have dressing L. up for going outside 400 times a day in the upcoming winter. I will casually fling that around my neck and become instantly Super Together Possibly Parisian Mom.

(am also suitably awed by impressive spinning & dyeing, but didn't to happy office chair dance until I saw IT) :)

stitch-dom said... are so cute! You will looke divine - I happily knit you 24 more rows yesterday while immersing myself in a full day of back to back episodes of Project Runway!

wanna-baa said...

... and I will wear it with extreme worthiness *pictures herself walking like a stick-waif-supermodel-semifinalist*... One of those girls might win a stupid modelling contract but I GET THE DREAM CLAPOTIS (really think we need another word for it... there are probably a bunch of confused 14 year old boys searching the internet for help and staring at a clapotis, thinking huh??...)