Monday, August 7, 2006

It's my stash...

...and I'll cry if I want to!!!

First up
The Basket of Knits in Progress (minus a few)

The Box of Supporting Wool for the Knits in Progress accompanied
by the Baggies of Yummy Spinning Fibres

Piano Bedecked with Dyeing Experiments (aka Stash of Colourful Fibres)

The First Wire Drawer O Wool (I see some tasty Manos and lots of Sock Yarn)

The Second Wire Drawer of Stash (or where I house the stash I let the kids into when they decide to knit something)

And lest you think "Wow, the girl's got some wool" - lo and behold, the First Dresser Drawer of Goodness
And the second:

Yesterday's dyeing experiment - isn't that cute? The picture doesn't really do justice to the colour but these are really saturated. If I had 50g more I'd be thinking about socks.

And finally - if you don't know exactly what TYPE A behaviour looks like, then go ahead and make your own dye colour wheel with 66 colours.

So yes, I am on a yarn diet. And my credit card is frozen in ice. And if I can't find something to knit any time of day or night, then I should be committed and my stash should be sold to the highest bidder to cover stash-related debt.

I hope you enjoyed today's yarn porn and please visit again!

PS - those drawers of wool...that's only the TOP layer...

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