Monday, July 10, 2006

Obsession...a display in pictures

Today's Feature: Projects On The Needles
(or at least on stitch holders waiting to get back on the needles)
First up...the Trellis scarf. For ongoing saga about this bit of harrowing lace, please go back to the very first post in this blog.

In second place is the current contender for the title of "Oldest Unfinished Project" - its a shawl inspired by this one that I did in entirely different wool (Patons Cha Cha and Pooch and Lang Pearl in blue and white) than what they used.

Now here we have the "Knit on the Smallest Needles I Own Project" - those are 2.25 mm bamboo needles and I will be inviting everyone over for shish kabob when I am done knitting those socks - I would joke that this will be sometime in 2009 but it had better not be...these are for Madeline and will look great because they will match...

...her poncho!!! Which I recently frogged and started over (yes I should have checked my gauge) when the neckline was WAY too big. Anyway...the plan is to start at the top with the dark magenta and work my way to the lightest pink then switch to the bridging orange (which is really a variegated pink/orange/yellow but you can't really see that here), then do pale to dark yellow. Then I'll finish it off with a short knotted fringe in the red-pink range (in the baggie). Just so's you know...that's all my hand-dyed and handspun. Which is why the bottom of the poncho will be much more consistent in stitch size than the top which I spun first. It's nice to see improvement.

Ahhh....Clapotis how I do love thee... and I will love thee even more when you are complete.

And the Broadripple socks that travel with me far and wide and who taught me that Kitchener stitch stuff? Not as friggin' easy as it looks... These are so close to finished, I can almost taste victory.

I am actually surprised there are so few projects on the go...what you haven't seen, however, is the stash. Perhaps tomorrow we can take a look at the projects won't that be fun!

I am drowning in wool...and cotton...and acrylic...and bamboo...and alpaca...and wee tiny bit of novelty yarn (shhhhh!!! don't tell the wool-nystas).

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