Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Obsession...Part Deux

Off the Needles

Today I bring scant few photos of completed projects. I scoured the house high and low...and realized that I pretty much give everything away.

First up: Alex's colourblock sweater. I would have asked him to model but its about a billion degrees today.

Next...recognize it!!!???? That's Clapotis...finished! and blocking! Its really gorgeous and I'll get a better picture when its done.

Now this is a small sample of last fall's "Scarf-a-palooza chez Lisa" On top is a 2k2p ribbed scarf with ribbon and yarn held together. Bottom is a lovely, much stretched scarf in Noro Silk Garden that alternates between stst, rev st st and moss stitch.

Now, in other parts of my life:

1. My love affair with my dentist continues tomorrow when I go in for a cleaning. The hygeniest will likely pull out a lot of popcorn because tonight I went to see...

2. Pirates of the Carribean. I won't spoil it for you...but it IS a cliffhanger which I didn't know. So imagine my shock when the movie ended abruptly (to my mind). So if you don't like waiting a long time to find out how something turns out, I suggest waiting a bit. Apparently #3 is due out in 2007.

3. Holidays rock. That's all I have to say about that.

Finally -- on the CD...Madrigaia - I strongly urge you to check out #7...and number 3 makes me want to cry...but I'm a sucker for Aboriginal singing.

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