Sunday, July 9, 2006

Guess what???!!!!

I bought a digital camera!!!!!

(thank you I AM happy to have joined everyone else in the 21st century)

And without further ado, I will attempt to post some pics here.

First...spinning enthusiasm!

The aforementioned yellow and violet rovings of goodness

Spun and plied...I had a feeling it wasn't going to be as pretty as the roving. I'll post a swatch when I have a chance to knit it up and then I'll know if I like it or not.

Not-so-pretty balcony pics. I wish I could say this was a "before" shot but it is actually the corner that didn't get finished and will hopefully be covered by strategically placed trellis when I can afford it

Very very pretty balcony pic

And finally...everyone needs a cat picture or two don't they?




miss ewe said...

Congrats on the camera!!! Now we can see what you're up to! I like your handspun -- look forward to seeing it knit up.

your pal in Vancouver said...

welcome to the 21st century! nice pics. can't say that i properly appreciate the wool but i certainly like your balcony.

stitch-dom said...

And you are welcome to come visit it anytime!

wanna-baa said...

LOVE the pictures, the wool looks amazing, professional wool head shots :) Love the balcony also, good work. We have deck now, due to athletic husbandly feats (now he's strutting around very proud and talking expansion already) but will need similar gazebo to enjoy when you are here...

stitch-dom said...

Which will, I presume, get taken down before winter? But don't tell the athletic husband I asked. ;-)