Saturday, July 8, 2006

Love at first steam

Violet and yellow. Whenever I walk past a garden with yellow and purple flowers I instantly fall in love. So a couple of days ago I handpainted some roving in brilliant violet and sun yellow and its absolutely PERFECT.

Then I had Madeline dye a bit whatever colours she wanted and she chose blue and green. I don't have any green so I added a bit of blue to a bunch of yellow and gave her a kind of yellow-green and brilliant blue.

The intersects between the blue and yellow-green made for a brighter green and now I have a new love.

So much roving and little time to experiment.

The yellow and violet is spinning up beautifully and should be interesting when I ply it.

I've started Madeline poncho which is knitting up nicely but in true Harlot fashion I haven't bothered to swatch so the neck might very well fit around her waist. Its all part of the fun...I think.

Okay so holidays.

Yesterday both kids got timed out 3 times each and lost their chance to go to the wading pool in the morning for being absolutely rotten. Still apparently it was a "good day". One of my ongoing frustrations with this neighborhood is the lack of kids playing outside. about 5 minutes yesterday we met neighbours who both have 7 year old boys and older girls of which Madeline is the youngest. Very cool!

Of course in true fashion we're all single parents with kids part time so we can only hope they are all around at the same time at least some of the time.

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