Friday, July 28, 2006

Kicking and screaming...

That's how I'm going to go into work on Monday. I am nursing an early dread that will likely grow all weekend until I'm truly raging on Sunday night. I should probably warn my loved ones but they have all fled for the weekend. Which is unfortunate because it means I can't project my anger and frustration onto others.

I guess I am only left with denial and repression.

This afternoon I said goodbye to Madeline and Alex for a week with their Dad. This makes me alternate between jubiliation, guilt and missing them. I also get a distinct sense that one week may not be enough to return me to normal. Whatever that might look like.

By the I might be a wee bit anal. This is the scene from my kitchen sink.

Don't they look rather like scary kitchen slugs? Something that I might have found growing in the litter box? Actually, these are dyed bits of merino roving. Once I squeeze the water out of them and spread them out a will look a bit like this...

What I am doing is dying roving to fit into a large colour "wheel" using my bright red, sun yellow and brilliant blue. I will likely do a simpler version using the turquoise and fuschia to get a sense of how the colours will mix.

Today I bowled with Alex. I love bowling with Alex. In the morning. When no one else except other desperate parents are at the bowling alley. We had fun...bowling 225 in the first game and 224 in the second. We try to top our combined score rather than compete against each other. Mostly because I don't really care who wins but Alex starts off excited (as in "Mommy, I'm going to crush you until you turn to mashed potatoes") and ends up devastated (as in "Mommy, I'm a horrible bowler and I want to go home and how come I keep getting gutter balls and I hate bowling" ad nauseum). So bowling as a cooperative game. Who knew!

Then we tie dyed t-shirts. They are drying outside overnight after finally running clear after rinsing and more rinsing.

Now I have a free weekend...just me and the needles and fibre and I'd better find someone to hang out with for a bit or I will be stir crazy by noon Sunday.

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