Monday, June 5, 2006

Tuesday 10:30 a.m.

Is when I have scheduled my nervous breakdown!

This is a tried and true method to survive the chaos that happens before a high ranking Minister of the Cabinet swoops in, shakes hands, smiles a lot, talks a bit, smiles some more and swoops out. As long as I know that I get to lose control soon, I'm okay.

This 15 minutes of effort is preceeded by 4 weeks of on again off again promises to do the event "soon", indecisiveness until 4 days prior as to the location, revisions that cause our editor to threaten to quit 16 times in 10 minutes, and a supernatural ability to locate the services of A/V guys (not as easy to find as they were in high school) and a photographer in under 5 minutes.

We perform miracles everyday. For 2 minutes of this government can get itself re-elected. And I get paid for this.

I shouldn't be so negative really. What they are announcing will, if it works, benefit a lot of people -- and cuts across party lines. I can get behind it really on a basic level.

Still...I'd rather keep my sanity.


wanna-baaaaaa said...

Okay so haven't seen you blogging a lot ... does this mean you DID have a nervous breakdown, or did you spin yourself into a cacoon (suddenly I cannot think how to spell that word, forgive) and you can't get out?

Anonymous said...

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