Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Alive...kicking...and why you should never do too good a job at anything

...except perhaps parenting. But then nobody dumps more kids on you just because you're a good parent.

The same is not true for speechwriting it seems.

About 3 years ago, I took a two day seminar in speechwriting for government. If you are wondering what I learned, I can sum it up quite quickly: I HATE SPEECHWRITING

I just don't have a knack for it. Its an artform that involves getting across messages in a way that is entertaining and interesting while still being informative.

What I do have a knack for however, is occasionally being able to spew out some high level eloquent crap - but only if the moment really strikes. Which it did the week before last. When I wrote some rather decent speaking points for someone. Who used the ALL verbatim but added in some nice colourful personal stuff around it. So rah rah hooray - great job blah blah blah.

And all I'm thinking is "oh sh* NOT ask me to reproduce this again...please please please."

So this is all to say that today I find myself drafting speaking points for (insert name of seriously senior politician dude here) for the House of Commons for next week. Did I mention that I HATE SPEECHWRITING? Oh yeah, I did.

So I didn't have a nervous breakdown afterall.

In other more interesting fiber-related news:

- the baby blanket is motoring along. The colour change makes the endless stocking stitch bearable. And everytime I finish a colour, I let myself knit one of the cute triangle borders so that also breaks up the monotony - cause I get to decrease!!!
- my second broadripple sock is also going well...I just started the heel flap. I have discovered that not only is the sock good for bus is also very good when caught in traffic. If I ever have an accident I may end up on Wierd Things That Happen in the ER when I impale myself with four 2 3/4 mm double pointed metal needles and some cool stretchy Cascade Fixation in an unknown colourway. Hope the medical staff appreciate the nifty lace pattern.
- Clapotis is on hold pending the baby blanket. I have two balls left and my fingers ache from crossing so hard that its going to be enough. I think I may make it with an inch or so to spare.
- The socks I started for Madeline...well they've turned into bedside knitting. In my bid to spread yarn into every nook and cranny of my little house I have now adopted a bedroom project. This is likely short lived since I find that knitting in bed is hard on the neck and I haven't quite mastered knitting lying down just yet . But you know I want to.

Must get back to the speech. Mr. Speaker, I would like to thank the Honourable Member for...

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