Friday, June 16, 2006


I have many needles in my life...knitting needles (of course)...pins and needles (which I get when I try to knit lying down)...sewing needles...finishing needles. However I have to confess that I wasn't prepared for this set of needles... (by the way, don't peruse this website for too long if you have a dentist appointment coming up).

Those would be the ones that MY DENTIST PUT IN MY SON'S MOUTH YESTERDAY!!!!

Somehow the simple quick whip-in-for-a-cleaning turned into numbing and pliers and two stubborn baby teeth now nestled in a cute little treasure chest awaiting the tooth fairy (aka Daddy). I suppose it is a good thing that the adult teeth that were growing up behind the baby ones will now move forward. I suppose it is also a good thing that I won't end up spending thousands on braces/retainers/orthodontics to solve this problem later. And I suppose it is a good thing that Alex was a total trooper who lay in the chair and gave me the thumbs up sign every few minutes and couldn't wait a) to go to school to show everyone the bloody holes in his gums, or b) drink through a straw with his teeth together.

Yes, these are good things and I am grateful.

Just please please please don't make me watch ever again.

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