Tuesday, May 30, 2006

So freakin’ hot

I’m dying here. I put in the window air conditioners after work yesterday so it was better, but Alex was up from 1 – 3 a.m. with wickedly itchy mosquito bites. So I’m hot, and tired. And I don’t want to be here (work). If I can just hold out for a month or so then I’ll be on holidays and things will be much much better. I feel like the last few entries have been these negative vent sessions and the part of me that is upbeat is really missing right now.

Running into all the wrong people + PMS + weather + lack of sleep + no real holiday since last year = disgruntled

The Mission Falls blanket is knitting up beautifully. I can’t tell you how much and easy the 1864 Cotton is to knit. It seems to resist getting hot and clammy and sticking to the needles. The kids have gone to their dads for three nights so I can make some serious progress. I do want to get back to my other projects, particularly the 100 grams of roving left to spin for Madeline’s poncho.

Did I mention that my house is already a mess again?

I’m not sure how it happens – oh except for kids who just drop whatever wherever. And the laundry that doesn’t magically fold itself (so inconsiderate). And the dishes that don’t pop themselves in the dishwasher. And the cats that, despite having achieved a perfect state of stillness in all the heat, shed everywhere.

I need another jolt of caffeine...and maybe some chocolate.

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