Monday, May 29, 2006

Headline: Crazy Cat Lady Acquires New Knitting Project – Despite Protests (internal screaming) Knitting Proceeds Apace

Mission Falls Wee Knits (purple) baby blanket

I just have a couple of things to say:

Co-worker is due in September but this needs to be done by the end of June before my holidays – ACK!

It is far too easy to calculate the total number of stitches in this blanket: 27, 210 – assuming I don’t have to do any ripping…not including cast on and picked up stitches.

Total number of stitches stitched to date by stitch-dom: 7200 – apparently this is more than 25% but it feels like much much less.

Other randomness:

House is an oven. Tonight I give in and put in air conditioner in my bedroom so we can actually sleep without sweating through to the boxspring (yes, ick! I agree)

I have been wondering why Alex’s teeth weren’t coming out. Turns out that when they grow in BEHIND the baby teeth, the baby teeth don’t NEED to come out. Seriously. Now I know.
The orthodontist bills are going to kill me.

I don’t have to buy a new refrigerator!!! This is great news because for about ½ an hour on Saturday morning I was online looking for the best fridge deal in the city and hoping they could deliver by noon. Turns out my sister (bless her heart) – in a spirit of energy conservation and concern for the environment – turned off my fridge when she was cleaning it. She was very apologetic but I was SO grateful to have an easy inexpensive solution (turn it from OFF to ON) that I promptly invited her for dinner and fed her the defrosted shrimp.


wanna-baa said...

okay, so IN LOVE WITH EVERYTHING MISSION FALLS HAS. thanks, thanks a lot. if I have to start knitting you'll have to move here to help.

stitch-dom said...

Just so you know...I've gone through the book a zillion times going...aha...what should I knit for L?

However, since I'm way overcommitted with knitting'll have to have another baby so I can much smaller faster newborn stuff.

In case you were looking for a real reason to have another.

stitch-dom said...

Oh and if you like that stuff for kids...I don't suggest checking out Dale of Norway's kids patterns. Nope. Not cute at all!

wanna-baaaaaaaaa said...

I wonder what's easier, learning to knit or having another... let's see, lack of sleep either way, lack of home cleanliness either way... BTW I found the wool place north of here, it is Ferguson's in Myrtle Station but they don't have a website so it could be a total dud compared to Wool Heaven we visited on your last visit.

Anonymous said...

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