Friday, May 26, 2006


My house is clean! Clean, I tell you!

I love my sister. She is under the impression that I paid her to clean my house when in fact it was BRIBERY. That's okay since the end result is the same. Now I can:

- walk across the floor without hearing depressing crunching sounds.
- enjoy a gleaming kitchen counter that no longer sports spots of colour from my last bit of dyeing
- go into the bathroom without closing my eyes and pretending its all "okay"
- walk by my bed without fear of attack from the six foot dustbunny from hell

For the next five minutes my house will be clean.

Blissfully yours...



wanna-baa-have-clean-house-too said...

Okay so if we could bring your sister here in July and work it so she would only actually be HERE in a 100 mile radius when we were out of the house and she was cleaning it... do you think we can work this?

stitch-dom said... some nifty transporter technology? So I don't have to spend 5 hours in a car alone with her? Actually, I suppose Madeline would be there too but she wouldn't be able to defend me.

btw...I've had to swear a promise to take her to romni...isn't she cute?

wanna-baa said...

That will be fun, we'll wander the streets of Queen West and put M. in charge of exploring. Oh, drove past a wool place in a little town north of here... actually mom spotted it and yelled OH YOU MUST TAKE HER HERE WHEN SHE COMES TO VISIT.. I think it's called Ferguson's? whatever it is, it's in Myrtle Station... I think. Cute. I'll find out.

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