Thursday, May 11, 2006


Real time posting...

1:10 a.m.

Awake! Alex is too hot!!! I know this because he had to wake me up to tell me about being too hot. Because my knowing makes it better somehow? So, because I am awake, there were some muffins that had to be eaten and some surfing to be done. I have learned the following:
- banana oatmeal chocolate chip muffins...good!
- I have two overdue library books and a fine of about $5
- it is much cooler downstairs

Blogging about these exciting events has rendered me bored...and therefore sleepy. Will now attempt to sleep a bit before dastardly alarm goes off at 5:30.

8:36 a.m.

Alarm as expected. Got out of the house with a minimum of fuss (as opposed to yesterday when I was thinking things about Madeline I hope my own mother never thought about me!). Worked on the sock on the bus to the consternation of the poor woman beside me who seemed to feel she needed to sit as far away as possible.

Then Starbucks. Have I mentioned my long term committed relationship with a Grande Mild and Maple Oat Scone? There really is no better way to start a morning - try it! But...this morning I had an affair. There was this really cute and fresh looking Whole Wheat Raspberry Scone waving its well rounded, slightly golden baked top at me. So I bought it! And while the Maple Oat looked on! Note to self: buy flowers for Maple Oat Scone and send email to Starbucks advising them that the purchase of the Raspberry (oh so good!) was just an aberration - a girl needs a change every now and then - and should in no way be taken as a reason to no longer carry the Maple Oat morning goodness. God knows I have enough love in my heart for both.

12:45 p.m.

I had two meetings on two separate issues this morning with the same (insert name of senior government official - SGO - here). At the second one I mentioned that if we were going to be meeting this often on a regular basis, I was afraid I was going to have to insist on separate vacations this year.

So "sense of humour" is not on the statement of qualifications for SGOs - although I should note that referring to arguing with another department over who is responsible for issue X as "playing hot potato" is apparently HYSTERICAL.

Today's lunch: A chicken breast stuffed pita sandwich, a much too small Nanaimo bar, and fat free Astro yogurt.

Next day

Really not much else to report except that I did some knitting in public at work. This is kind of like coming out of the closet during lunchtime. Yep - I knit the sock right there in the lunchroom.

Happy Friday!

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miss ewe said...

Ha! Starbucks makes me a nicer person. My longest standing relationship is with the Vanilla Latte. It's happiness in a paper cup. I used to go around with the Cafe Mocha, but it just got too sweet for me. Occasionally I have a little summer fling with the Vanilla Bean Frappuccino. Either way, it's a good thing and is (somewhat) cheaper than therapy!