Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Losing it…

I swear I would if I had the time.

But you know, besides the full time job, part time single parenting, fur-covered dysfunctional house and continuous cash shortage (no assistance from cats, kids or microwaves there)…I’m doing FREAKIN’ FINE!!! Really.

Rant on…

I realized today that I haven’t taken any substantial time off since JULY. There is some swirling insanity in my head begging to become a disgruntled employee.

And I feel really fat today.

PMS anyone?

Rant off.

Bulleted points of goodness:

  • The full strength magenta has been spun, plied and set. And its absolutely gorgeous and its going to become a poncho for Madeline along with the other saturations, some yellow and some magenta/yellow mix (aka peachy orange).

  • Did you know that too much spinning can cause blisters? The thumb and forefinger of my right hand is feeling tender because I use them to pinch the fiber and then slide them along to bring the twist up into the yarn. I think oddly placed calluses are a badge of honour don’t you? Of course this could be the gymnast in me (“oh look, the calluses ripped off my hand during that last routine…that’s okay…if I pack the wound with chalk I won’t feel it until it becomes infected!” and “oops, here let me clean the blood up off the mats before you do your routine…I don’t use that muscle for anything besides walking anyway!”)

  • My house is an oven. Could it be because I have NO CURTAINS UP IN THE LIVING ROOM??? Gee, I wonder. Have I mentioned that I get sun in my front rooms from 11 a.m. until sunset. Aren’t I lucky?

I know its time for a holiday when the only good thing I can report is pretty magenta wool.

Rant really off now.

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