Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The plague...

Chicken pox has struck again! Last winter it was Alex…now poor Madeline is a pox-ridden, itchy, feverish mess that kept me home for two days administering tlc and Benedryl in large-ish doses.

I am spinning like a mad-woman – currently on the 3rd concentration (1/4) of magenta and the last of the 100 gram quantities so the next three skeins will go a lot faster (2 at 50 gs and one at 25g). My spinning is getting more consistent and the kitten has stopped trying to ride the treadle whenever I spin (or leap for the yarn or try to stick his little paws into the spinning wheel).

In knitting news:
- the first broadripple sock is almost done but I’m going to be cutting it really really close with the yardage. I have the bit that I used to swatch/gauge that I can rip if I need it. If I’m really in trouble I may run out to the store and buy a matching skein and do the toe in a solid colour.
- I took a trip to wool’n’things in Orleans on Monday with Madeline after our dr’s appointment – the store is tiny but PACKED with an amazing amount of wicked and wonderful stuff including a load of newly arrived Fleece Artist sock yarn in some of the most incredible colorways I’ve seen. I picked out a lovely blue green for me and Madeline chose an orange-pink for herself. Miss ewe … I think I’ll be joining you in your “summer of socks”! The urge to ditch the second broadripple in favour of the new yarn is very very difficult to resist. But I am committed to keeping my sock knitting for travel (i.e. bus to and from work).
- I also went to Yarn Forward in Kanata early Saturday where I picked up some lovely yarn for a gift I want to knit, some dyed roving (more Fleece Artist!) and patterns at 25% off. While there, I met Mags Kandis who is the designer for Mission Falls. I was there just after it opened and she arrived just after me so I had a chance to chat for a while and she signed the two books I bought. She was lovely and approachable and told me not to worry about making mistakes with my colour choices. I felt like a real Knitter for a few minutes.

In my bid to become a person who can leave her house and meet people and hold conversations that do not end in “um, wow, I suck at this” in my head, I am going to the monthly stitch’n’bitch meeting wherein I will knit my sock, meet new people (ack!) and pretend I know what I’m doing.

So, here’s hoping I don’t embarrass myself and become the first person ever kicked out of a S’n’B for being so boring that people feel compelled to brain themselves with broken coffee mugs.

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