Thursday, May 18, 2006

All knitting...all the time

I survived S’n’B! I spoke…possibly too much even. A lovely group of women of all ages all knitting really nifty stuff that I want to knit now too. I fondled some wool, drank coffee and had a really yummy ginger cookie. Ordered an extra skein of Andean Treasure (thanks Tara for putting in the Knit Picks order) since I’m thinking the clapotis is probably not going to make it without.

Being there reminded me of hanging out with other mothers when our kids were little. When we ran out of conversation we’d just peacefully (insofar as that’s possible with a roomful of babies) watch the kids play and smile indulgently. S’n’B was kind of like that. Nothing to say? That’s okay because you can just quietly knit.

There were an unnatural number of socks on the needles last night. And of course I liked everyone else’s better than mine. Is that project regret? But I should note that the first Broadripple sock is DONE. And I was a good knitter, and immediately cast on the next one and put it in my bag and dutifully completed eight rows on the bus this morning to the dismay of the woman sitting beside me even though I didn’t poke her even once.

(Okay, so I may have also cast on the Fleece Artist sock yarn that Madeline chose on Monday but in my defence I do need to figure out my gauge on the 2 mm needles and then measure her calf to figure out how much to cast on before I start “for real.” So I don’t think it counts. I’m doing research not casting on a new project when I have 5 others on the go right now…omg…what am I doing at work? I should be home knitting.)

I managed to ply and skein the 3rd 100g bit of magenta before I left for S’n’B last night and I still have a lot to go but I could cast on. I could but I won’t because of the five project previously mentioned and my current projects bin is full and there isn't even room for a set of circulars in there.

I forgot to mention that I was also a good knitter this weekend and I undertook a good stash management project. For months now, my stash has been spilling out of a small three-drawer dresser I have in my kitchen. I originally organized my stash by colour but have quickly realized that there are some serious issues with this method which are:

1. If you happen to not have ALL the labels and separate the black possibly Bernat Softee from the red Softee that does have its label – do not assume that you will be able to tell it apart from the Patons Astra.

2. Where do you put the variegateds? I’m just asking.

3. What about the ½ orphaned skeins – is it worth lumping these in with the rest when they get lost in mess of yarn?

So I found myself some labels and good old reliable and sturdy no name freezer bags and went to town on my stash. Now it is organized by type (i.e. all the sock yarns are together) or project (all yarn for a given project in one bag) or brand (all the astra is together waiting to become mittens I think).

Of course, now the yarn can’t be stuffed into the dresser anymore and has become the slow takeover of the big shelves in the kitchen.

But that’s okay…there’s still plenty of room for more.

Especially after I throw out all the exercise videos.

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Lissa said...

Good to meet you! I hope you come regularly so we can get to know you better. :)