Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Bad blogger...BAD!

This is not a good blogging week.

I have NOTHING to say…well, that’s not entirely true. Almost nothing to say.

Ever just feel boring? Reminds me of Alanis Morrissette:

How can I feel so boring for someone so interesting?

If Alanis feels boring what is there for the rest of us more mundane civil servants armed with knitting needle types? How about 3 cats? And a messy house?

Will. Never. Date. Again.

Mundane newsflashes:

  • my bank went ahead and invested my RSP for me without my permission. This would be a BAD thing if I wasn’t getting a much better interest rate now.
  • Madeline has been divine in the mornings – getting up early, getting herself dressed, making breakfast for her and her brother!
  • Madeline was abducted by aliens who have replaced her with a look alike who likes mornings.
  • My mother will be taking the children shopping for mother’s day on Saturday – despite my apparent obsession it is unlikely I will receive anything that fits my interests…I can only hope that I will be shocked otherwise.
  • I started the clapotis…it’s a gift but I can’t say for who but if you can order yourself some Andean Treasure from KnitPicks – do it! Its just that awesome.
  • The ex kissed me and I dashed in the opposite direction – because it was nice AND scary AND confusing AND very very wrong
  • At 36 I am no longer ruled by my hormones (but I wanted to be…very very much)
  • I realized that my reaction to fear, anxiety and sadness is to become tired.
  • I am tired


miss ewe said...

My reaction to fear, anxiety and sadness is ALSO to become tired. Glad it's not just me.

stitch-dom said...

Well its good to have company! the only thing I want to walk around feeling tired all the time or fearful, anxious and sad? I suppose actually feeling it helps to solve it...but I'm rather attached to my well-developed avoidance strategy! How do I know it isn't just the really bad building air? What if I start associating being fearful, anxious and sad with being at work!!

Boggles I tell you.

wanna-baa said...

Bad ex... BAD!
Well maybe just bad timing. Glad we're all tired together. I'm way more boring than you, girl, and enjoying your blog immensely.