Friday, April 28, 2006

Fridays...fry days...fry daze

Why is Friday ALWAYS insane?

Puh-leeze. I’m supposed to be enjoying the week coming to an end!

I remember when I used to be much less important (stop laughing!) and the other poor slaves and I would gather around and talk about fun stuff like relationships (granted this was a long time ago…when relationships WERE still fun) and future plans beyond a good night’s sleep and just fun girlfriend stuff.

Now I’m shipping off emails for clarification on issues only 4 or 5 people in the entire world actually care about.

I’m writing rationales for things that no one in their right mind would think were rational.

And drafting media lines for media calls that probably aren’t going to be made.

And just to add a dollop of unsweetened icing to this otherwise bitter cake of despair (melodrama anyone?) I felt obliged to agree to hang out with the ex-boyfriend tomorrow afternoon.

Tomorrow afternoon. When I should be achieving a state of nirvana-like oneness with my new wheel, the one that I haven’t really had time to fully appreciate.

Instead I will be at Canadian Tire buying stuff like scooters, hula hoops, skipping ropes, Frisbees and baseball and tennis gear. All in the name of getting my children to step away from the TV/GameCube/Computer/GameBoy and behave like children whose lives aren’t shaped by MTV and short attention spans.

Because throwing money at the problem will bring kids back to the parks and give parents a sense of security when their children take off to explore the neighbourhood and don't come back until dinner time. If I ever see a lemonade stand again, I promise to buy a cup or two. What happened?

Well it's been nice but time to get back to my regularly scheduled program.


miss ewe said...

3 words about the ex...

Just. Say. No.

How did it go?

stitch-dom said...

lol...I. said. no.

Are you psychic?

miss ewe said...

Hey Stitchy... they're all F*@K!NG the same.
Thanks for the tip about Opal in Ottawa... I'll have to investigate next trip.