Monday, May 8, 2006

Things happen in 3’s

  1. One kitten with a possibly broken paw (it wasn’t but it took $260 and an unconclusive X-Ray) before he stopped limping about.
  2. 13-year-old microwave quietly died – although not until it had kindly heated up my cannelloni.
  3. 60 lb. Boy vs. Curtain deeply embedded in drywall. Boy wins. Drywall loses. Mother blows up.

I’ve had ENOUGH. Nothing else is allowed to go wrong. The PMS I have at the moment absolutely sucks although I have it on good authority that chocolate is a good, albeit temporary solution.

In better news…I finished spinning the candy-coloured wool from my divine icing colour experiment and plied it together. I was quite sure it was going to look like vomit. The skeins are…well…interesting looking. I ended up with a bulky knit and decided to swatch a bit to see what I had…and it ended up surprisingly GORGEOUS. It looks like watercolours! I figure I have enough for a hat for Madeline and maybe a neckwarmer for next winter.

I was surprised though at how utterly gross wet spun wool smells. I dampened the skeins to stretch them out and set the twist and it smelled like an old bag of garbage had started to go bad. Or the worst case of b.o. ever! It took me a while to figure out what smelled so bad!

Anyways…since them I started on the previously discussed magenta and spent part of yesterday dyeing two more saturations of magenta (1/8th and 1/16th strength) in smaller quantities (50 and 25 g) and then did some yellow (full, half and ¼ strength) and rainbow dyed using magenta and yellow in a light concentration and ended up with mostly a peachy orange colour. I need to learn to go light with the rainbow dyeing or the colours run together and I don’t end up with any variation. I’m going to take each colour and spin it and ply it with itself…In the end I’ll have 6 shades of magenta – 3 shades of yellow and some peach which will go with both since it is a combo…Should be able to do something interesting – maybe some thrummed mittens and a hat. Madeline is going to be very warm this winter.

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