Sunday, May 25, 2008

I fell off my yarn diet...

I was SO good for 3 whole months!!! Seriously good. Didn't even look at other yarn good. But then..I couldn't help myself. It was no big deal really. One lousy skein. The trollop screamed at me from afar (after I routed through the basket for a colour I liked and then stepped back to admire it from a distance...but still...IT seduced on ME).

Yeah...there's no denying Handmaiden Fine Yarn

That's Casbah - a gateway yarn if I ever felt one. It is so soft that it has been living on my computer desk for regulary snuggling.

And this might be some Sea Silk - destined to be one of these (and its all Leanne and Nancy's faults). Plus mine for needing to join everyone on the bandwagon.

There's more - I updated my Ravelry stash if you have access and want all the gory details - I'm too embarrassed to roll it all out here at once. But I went to Knitter's Frolic...and it was an excellent way to part with some of my tax return.

In the done-with-that Department, we have Icarus.

Icarus from Interweave Knits from Summer 2006 - which I knit in about 6 weeks - breaking my all time knitting record.

Last weekend I ended up - through a series of coincidences - do a spinning demonstration at the Canada Agriculture Museum (click for cute cows). In about 6 hours I spun up just under 100 grams of some South African Fine I had dyed last year. I chose really bright colours because I knew there would be tons of little kids. The funnest part was watching the kids get completely mesmerized by the wheel. They would walk in and literally sink to the floor. Had I known the wheel had so much power over toddlers I would have bought one a LONG time ago!!!

And lastly - Madeline and I went to Toronto a few weeks ago (conveniently when Knitter's Frolic was happening) and delivered the Tomten Jacket to its rightful owner.

Miss Ava - 9 months and the best model a knitter could ask for...

With Icarus done I've turned my sights on the Susie Hoodie from More Big Girl Knits. This will be the first sweater I have ever made for myself. I am nervous about my gauge (.25 of a stitch less than the 17 called for) but I think when the waist decreases are done I'll take it off the needles and make sure it isn't too big.

And if it is...I guess I'll have to eat more.

Edited to add: Wanna-Baa reminded me of these great pics...amazing what 9 months can do for a baby (scroll way down)


wanna-baa said...

YAYYYY you're back!
Yarn diet? Everyone knows diets don't work ( and seriously curtail the blogging ) Miss you and hope to have time this week to call / email you. Oh, I'll take 45 of the Toddler Hypnosis Contraptions. If I could spin pasta on it then I could actually get him to stay still while I make supper...

wanna-baa said...

p.s. can you link back to Ava's *first* model appearance on your blog, just for reference har har

Leanne said...

Make you a deal - you don't blame me for your weaknesses, and I won't blame you for mine, m'kay? :-) I mean really, now, I have you to blame for Henry. At least Print o the Wave is a fun knit, and not an eye-gouger like Henry.

I've started my friend's wedding shawl with the blue Sea Silk I bought. Yummy! But you'd know that if I ever blogged :-)

Jeanne said...

Gorgeous yarn - no wonder you had to buy it! Icarus is beautiful - really beautiful - love the color. I really need to finish mine now!

Chriss said...

I'm willing to bet I could help you stray even farther from your "diet".

I love the shawl, which I may have to make as I am eyeing some loverly laceweight from two different places. Of course there is nothing in my stash that is suitable :)

Laurie (Moo!) said...

When you fall, you fall hard. Good going! :-)

Love Icarus. Beautiful job.

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Handmaiden....Malabrigo....they both have mysterious hypnotic powers.