Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Voted out!!!

Well...when all was said and done we were ousted from the Board of Directors which means I get my life back (or at least my first Monday night of every month I can go to my guild meetings now! We shall see how the new board does...it is always easier to be in the opposition than it is to be in charge. I will be living in interesting times I think.

But there is MUCH better stuff going on.

First, an update on my spinning brain. I visited my friend's husband who is familiar with the Epley maneuver and although Joe did not think I was properly diagnosed, I have not had any dizzyness since then. So happily the world seems to be remaining upright again!

I am on my second week of my second set of summer holidays. It has been fairly relaxing (if you don't count last night's meeting and vote) - there has been a lot of knitting and today I finally sat down to spin for a bit. The Gem and I are still getting acquainted. I seem to either overspin or underspin and everytime I sit down it takes a good 10-15 minutes for this to stop - then I just overspin. Sigh. Hopefully we will reach some sort of negotiated settlement soon and since the wheel is inanimate and I am the thinking being I imagine it will involve me giving in somehow to the preferences of the wheel.

On the FO front - I whipped up a pair of Soft mittens from a gorgeous Fleece Artist kit I received as part of the Coffee Swap from Elizabeth (still no blog!!). The colourway is exclusive to Baadeck Yarns in Nova Scotia and makes me think of late September in Halifax. My ex-in-laws live in NS and I miss visiting there very very much! The kit comes with two skeins - one of Bluefaced Leicester and another of kid mohair that are knit together in a very simple mitten pattern. This is the first mohair I've touched that doesn't make me want to itch my skin off and I think this is going to be the warmest winter my hands have had in a long long time.

I adore knitting mittens. The Northern Lights were so much fun and so were these. I even had enough left over for a little pair of fingerless gloves that Madeline has declared are hers. I am very happy that I ordered the Selbuvotter book from Knit Picks and can't wait to play around with the colourwork patterns once I clear out some of my other WIPs. So without further ado...Alex modeling mittens and the fingerless gloves.

Finally - I totally neglected to mention the lovely stitch markers that Jeanne sent me a few weeks ago - we swapped these for some handdyed striping sock yarn I did up a while back.

I do not generally own fancy stitch markers - I usually end up with cheapo plastic markers - and tried using jump rings (argh! not a good option if knitting lace - consider yourself warned). I love these passionately and thank you so much for them Jeanne!!! I should mention that I think these come from Jeanne's friend Chris' etsy shop but I seem to have lost the business card that came with them...so Jeanne, if you read this, could you please put the link in the comments?? And correct me if I am wrong?

Last of all...the ever hungry Ava received her sweater and her mother kindly squeezed her into it for me...I suspect it will now become an very cute teddy bear sweater...

Behold Ava - wearing the Baby Sausage Casing Surprise Jacket (dubbed by her mother). Clearly another sweater will have to be knit - something that will last for more than 2.5 milliseconds...

Take it off her quick! I think she's going to blow!!!!


wanna-baa-moo said...

Ha!! That's my girl.
Today, I have 4 Happy Words... "IT'S SHEPHERD'S PIE NIGHT!".

I know you understand how WONDERFUL this whole concept is, and I'm blessing you ALL DAY, I can drag my exhausted butt down to the basement, press 4 buttons on the oven and VOILA I look like SUPERMOM with a wholesome yummy meal on the table my god I just rock.

So thank you thank you thank you thank you again, and oh, thank you you angel for the previous gift of the rocking chair because I don't think I would've survived the past couple of weeks without that either. Even better, her Daddy loves rocking her in it while I sleep in the other room :)

Glad you have a non-board life back, and hope you get the chance for the tiniest of little resigned smirks when the NEW board realizes they are stuck in the same situation with the same choices you guys were.

feeding time

Jeanne said...

OMG - the pictures of the baby is so funny. Very cute sweater and baby - but the bottom one - too funny. Thanks for the giggle! The stitch markers are from Chris' shop and its at http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=47644. Enjoy the markers! Love the mittens, but how about some pictures of your spinning.

nancy said...

W00T - you're going to have sooooooo much fun being "just an owner" on the board now...we should talk!

crying baby pic - very funny :)

Chriss said...

See there is a silver lining to every dark cloud! Guild night free again.

Very cute baby but definitely a new new teddy bear sweater.

I love the colour of your mittens and the wrist warmers. I love the mohair from Fleece Artist, I can actually knit with it without sneezing my head off constantly.

Laurie said...

I'm glad your brain has stopped spinning. It's never fun to be dizzy.

Ava is a model in the making! So cute. It's not her fault that the sweater is the wrong size (ahem).

How's your Ragdoll doing? Such a pretty face...and so familiar. LOL!

Love the mittens. Keep on knittin'!

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Blogless Elizabeth.
Glad to see the Fleece artist yarn has been put to good use - those mittens are gorgeous! I've been working on a shawl with the multi-color Italian mohair you sent me - it's actually striping very nicely for me - and that doesn't usually happen for me. I'm going to a making a hat and scarf with the watermelon yarn - I've started on the scarf already so I'll have at least three or four projects to keep me occupied. The Bridgehead coffee is long gone - good stuff!
who is plotting her next trip to Baadeck Yarns ...

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Ava is probably thinking "Why are they making me do this, I don't want to do this, because they are making me do this, I'm going to do something nasty"

Glad to see that someone likes to knit mittens....for some reason I've got a hate-on for those things. But with several sets of hands in my house, I grin and bear it every year.