Thursday, August 2, 2007

Drive by posting...

I should be getting ready for work...really. But. Well. I just don't wanna go.

Warning - the following paragraph may contain whining.

I hate my job right now and the petition to remove the Board at my condo has been received and Deposal Day is August 27th. I'm not sure if I am looking forward to it or not. And it going 35 degrees today with a humidex of 45 - which registers as "Disgusting" on the Weasley thermometre.

Done! Thanks for hanging in there!

Now the good stuff.

First of all -- I was blissfully unaware that August 1st is the best day of the whole year. For some, this day is Christmas, for others the beginning of tax season and for still others its the first day of school.

For me its the day a very very important book arrives in my mailbox. I am saving the reading until I am ready. Ready will be a quiet house. The cats are resting so nothing is going to get broken. I have a steaming cup of coffee beside me. Then its time to dive in. Time to dive, straight and deep, right into the heart of the IKEA catalogue. Harry Potter is just going to have to wait.

Next up - an FO!!!

Northern Light mittens from Knitpicks - knit as shown with the same colours (yarn is Palette). Knit on dpns of unknown size (thicker than socks though - maybe a 4mm or so). I love them with a fondness that is bordering on unnatural. They were a fun, if not quick knit. My fairisle sucks big time but they shore do look purty from afar!

I so loved the colourway - and had so much left over - that I immediately embarked on my next bit of obsessive knitting...

Pretty no?

Is this one more clear?

Its Elizabeth Zimmermann's Baby Surprise Jacket. Everything you have heard about brilliant design? EZ's genius? ALL true.

In order to knit this, I had to put aside my Mystery Stole. I am on Clue 3 and as of Friday will be completely behind when Clue 5 is released.
The excitement and speculation are mounting - cause Melanie is going to reveal the theme that day to the Yahoo group. (by the way, my guess is the elements - the border looks like water - the graphical bit like wind, then flames above the diagonal lines...and the next bit looks like rocks to me)
Both of these have shoved aside the Dale Fairisle Sweater with Scary Steeks...
...and my sister's Christmas Pelerine (another EZ project from Knitting Workshop - its a shawl with three brilliantly placed increased that give it a trapeze shape - it comes to a point at the back and at each arm. Very mindless knitting.
That's the Romni Boucle I dyed a while back in violet, turquoise and brilliant blue but its impossible to see in pictures.
Next - a single sock...this is Go with the Flow from Favorite Socks in Tofutsies. We are celebrating the completion of sock 1 and now can look forward to sock 2 since this fine lady sent me the Favorite Socks book just yesterday!!! I might have copied out the lace charts from the book when I borrowed it from the library and then I might have lost them.

I love love love the lace on these. They are a bit loose - which is worrying me in a nagging way I am choosing to ignore and will cast on the second one anyway - but I had to add 1/3 more stitches - not only because I have Fred Flintstone feet (wide, flat and easily double your vehicle acceleration) but because the pattern is ridiculously small. Note to self: pedicure!

Here's a lacey closeup.

There's plenty of other projects floating around - like Lizard Ridge (4 blocks knit - a zillion to go)

The nagging voice in my head is telling me to get ready for work. I must obey the voice.à

Edited to add at 1:09 p.m. - I am 14 people away from Ravelry!!!! Tonight? Tomorrow? Can I elbow people out of the way virtually?


Chriss said...

That is a very pretty sock!

I haven't even started on my mystery stole yet. Actually, I haven't even bought the yarn yet. I keep getting distracted by other projects.

Laurie said...

You've got so much knitting in this post, which is a brilliant contrast to mine...that has not.

Those mittens are BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Hope your work gets better. Stupid condo Board.

Harry is good, in the waiting department. Very patient.

Jeanne said...

The mittens are gorgeous! And the fair isle - beautiful! Actually, everything is beautiful! Hope work is getting better....