Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Quick update…yes, I suck at the blogging right now

I will update soon, I promise. There is an FO and half an FO. Some more on the needles projects. And, well, what can I say but I got sucked in and now I can’t wait until Friday (any guesses why??)

Quick news in no particular order:

1. YAY SP 10 Pal…after much issue with mail, I got a first package from my mysterious SP 10 Pal. She/He sent me Knitting Color. I had taken this out of the local library a while back and never got around to reading it.

I am so glad to have it! It is almost more of a coffee table book than pattern book. The colour combinations and how the author arrived at them is very interesting and I think that, for me, this book is more about inspiration than patterns I would actually knit. As befits a complex colour pattern, the designs themselves are not particularly difficult - the intarsia is where the fun is. What is fascinating is seeing exactly what inspired the design itself – travel pictures from around the world. I will definitely be pouring over this book a lot in the years to come. Thanks Secret Pal!

2. I am impatiently checking my inbox every hour. Why? Here's a hint:

You signed up on June 7, 2007
You are #7542 on the list.
97 people are ahead of you in line.
14368 people are behind you in line.
33% of the list has been invited so far

Ravelry…here I come!

3. There is a new person in the world! wanna baa of the comments had a baby girl, Ava Daphne, who popped into the world hungry last Saturday afternoon. Her mother may feel that “popped” is a bit too gentle a term for it.

For some reason I convinced myself she wasn’t due until mid-August. As a result, the knitting is not done! I figure this is okay because a) Ava doesn’t care, and b) her mother is too tired and stunned to notice what she’s wearing right now. I have a more complex sweater in the works, but the sudden announcement inspired sudden action and there is a Baby Surprise in the works now. Pictures when its done.

4. The Condonimium Mutiny continues. We have received a petition for a special meeting. Our management company will send out ballots to all the owners to vote on whether or not to remove each member of the Board. The whispering and glances has died down a bit. Its still emotional but at least now we know what they are up to.

That’s it for now.

I will update when I finally get around to stealing the batteries out of Alex’s Game Boy for the camera!


Chriss said...

Wow only 97 to go until you get your Ravelry invite! I'm like 14???down the line. Am I jealous? Heck ya!

Congrats to the new mamma.

Keep your chin up on the condo thing...

Notice how I don't comment on the blogging regularity.hehe Besides you are really good at commenting on other peoples blogs so you are forgiven.

wanna-baa said...

Hiya! Thanks for the honourable mention of the little girlie... "popped out", maybe. "Shot out" quite possibly. Thanks for all those quick&"easy" labour vibes, I think they worked! But it's all (almost) a faint memory now - like all my memories at the moment. What was I saying?

And I think knitting will be ready in perfect time, as it's too damn hot to be wearing almost *anything*, even for little new babies, and too hot to be snuggling a knitted little heat machine :) xo