Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A severe case of blog ennui

Anyone else have a bad case of “January”?

If you aren’t sure, the symptoms associated with “January” are:

1. Regret at having foregone making resolutions because it’s now the end of January and you haven’t even failed at anything yet.
2. Sore toes from kicking the humungous block of ice stuck to the bumper behind the back tire on your car.
3. A bill from the repair shop because even though you finally got the ice off the bumper? It also took out the electrical wires that run the brake lights.
4. A nagging sense of not moving forward.
5. Sick of all your hand-knitted winter stuff? Yeah, me too.
6. Inability to even imagine what being warm when outside feels like.
7. The realization that even a touch of beige would brighten things up outside.
8. You recognize winter festivals for what they are: pathetic attempts by the establishment to keep the masses from becoming angry (and therefore riotous and looting) as winter grinds on and on and on and on…

Just me?

Anyway – there is some knitting happening. But there is also a BUDGET.

And as any knitter knows, the budget has many drawbacks but the worst of it is the need to knit from stash. And spin from stash. Back before the Great Money Sucking Kitchen Renovation of 2007, I pulled out the spinning stash and people? I may not have knitting stash beyond life expectancy but I would if I spun up everything!

So for my next post (i.e. when I am NOT blogging on company time) I will get some purty dyeing pictures up for you…and some WIPs.

No FOs though…cause everyone knows that when you are on a severely restrictive yarn diet the only sanity lies in casting on as much of the stash as possible.

Just me?


moi in Vancouver said...

Ahhh, January! Yep, although i can't say anything about the ice on the car or the car repair since i have neither ice nor car. BUT WE HAVE SNOW! And you know what is worse than a city that gets a lot of snow? A city that gets very little! Why? 'Cause NO ONE knows how to get around! Oh well, just think, you only have a couple more days until you can have a case of "February" ;-)

Stay warm and safe...

Chriss said...

Okay, I have seasonal affective disorder and even I'm not as low as your list!

However, I'm also not on a budget so I've bought pretty stuff lately...heheheheheh

Jeanne said...

Ouch - sounds like you are having a hard month - January is ok for me - usually March is worse. Maybe you should do a stash swap - that way you can get new yarn!

T said...

No, it's not just you. Even this winter lover is starting to yearn (yarn?) for some green. Just think, we still have February to get through. AND we're not going away this winter (are you?).

Remind me to tell you about my car woes when we finally get out for coffee - I'm sure it will brighten your day.


Leanne said...

Not just you, for sure. I think part of the problem this year as that winter started so early.

Spring will come eventually!

Rodeogal said...

Well, look at what February is bringing us! A winter storm of about 30cm!

I totally relate to how you're feeling. I'm a single Mom on a budget but I am also part of a Character Building Excercise with my knitting forum which involves finishing two PIGS (UFOs) by Feb. 14. I finished one of them but the other is a pain in the arse and it's beige and totally not motivating at all!

So hang in there and weather this storm. You know Winterlude usually brings a thaw right? Well I sure hope it does because our winter started way to early!

BTW... I am also in the east end of the city. :o)


Kit said...

See, I'm going the other way... only one project at a time, so as to make the stash in the bins last longer (and ATTEMPT a sense of accomplishment by actually finishing a few things).

I guess I'm a little bit lucky, I got to buy yarn twice this month, but one batch is for a specific project (on commission) and the other is supplies for a class, so it's not "my" yarn.

Thank heavens january is over!