Sunday, July 8, 2007

I dare you to call me middle aged!!!

I went to Canada's Wonderland with the dear son and proved that 37 isn't too old to go on a ride that made me think I was going to die. Actually - this is more accurate. Except that in addition to the screaming I heard Alex say, "THIS IS AWESOME!!!!" That's when I knew I was in big trouble.

We had a great time. I conquered my fear (over and over and over and over). We ate crap. We spent a lot of time in line and upside down. I got soaked on the water ride. It was all good.

Our first day Alex and Luke connected over foam building blocks. Alex built and Luke destroyed. All was well in the world. Luke had a new hero. Although Alex later admitted to Luke's mom that Luke had more energy than he had.

The day before was far more sedate. Day one was a trip to the Toronto Zoo. I love the zoo. Alex loved the zoo but Alex did not like all that walking. What he did like was taking pictures. He took photos of everything. I had to step in and take pictures though because his intentions are great but his execution is not so wonderful. We wandered for about 5 hours and I had to agree that my legs were getting pretty tired too.

I can't help but think that this polar bear is thinking "These people look delicious!"

This was a yarn-free trip because Alex is not a kid who likes a yarn store. In fact, unless it is a video rental place or carries video games, Alex is distinctly unhappy about shopping of any kind. So we did kid stuff. It was really nice to connect with him on stuff we both like. As he gets older and becomes more boyish - and I get more fibre-y in my choice of pastimes - we are connecting less and less. Although he is a lot more interested in spinning than Madeline is. He wants to know how the wheel works, what plying is etc. He asks interesting questions!

This week I have the kids in camp for three days while I paint -- its slow going -- mostly because I lack the resolve to work at it for more than an hour or two at a time.

There has been knitting going on - but not much to actually show.

I did manage to turn this:

Into this:

That's the Couleurs de Provence colours. It is gorgeous and will be off, shortly, to Jeanne who was brave enough to admit to a love of self-patterning sock yarn. I am very pleased with it - particularly since I don't generally like the colours of commercial sock yarns.

I can tell you that skeining self-patterning sock yarn is the most agonizing and irritating of jobs. Having to do it twice because the skeinwinder umbrella thingy collapsed causing all kinds of knots and generally ickiness may have cause a temper tantrum that is, in retrospect, somewhat embarrassing.


Laurie said...

It all looks like a wonderful time!

Just let me know when you're mailing the yarn to Jeanne. I'll just wait by her protect the yarn, you see.

Jeanne said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time - its always nice to spend time with just one kid at a time isn't it?

The yarn is gorgeous! Wow! I can't wait to get it - beautiful! You really do such a great job on dyeing....

Chriss said...

Glad to hear you had a good holiday! I'm jealous cause I would love to go to the zoo, but, all my kids are old, and working or away and need mom to drive them places and actually have a better life than me.

Nice job on the yarn. Curious to see how it knits up too.