Thursday, May 17, 2007

Happy dance!

Last night I went out and got an Ipod!

First - welcome to the 21st Century to me!

Second - send me your podcast favourites! I'm looking for podcasts about knitting (duh!), spinning, parenting (particularly if amusing and anecdotal). Or, if there is something out there you think might amuse me, please let me know.

Knitting and spinning are at an all time low. I am hoping to survive work until the 31st and then plan to have that nervous breakdown I keep having to re-schedule.


Bumbershootska said...

Congratulations on the 'Pod! I love mine (it's my constant companion). It's like listening to the best radio station EVER!
I wish I subscribed to knitting podcasts - well,let me correct myself - I DO subscribe but don't listen to them (bad, bad, bad). I listen to Frank Black's podcast, though - good if you like the guy

Knitting Granny said...

An iPod! Congrats. I've just recently acquired a hand-me-down MP3 player - which I love. Thanks for your feedback re/Print'O the Wave. Just to show you how much trouble I'm having, I WISH I could get thru one complete pattern (only 12 rows! and 6 of those are all purl) so I COULD put in a life-line. I've begun to consider trying a different (read easier) lace pattern...but I don't even know if that will help me. Thanks again - btw I love your blog. Good luck on having that nervous breakdown. We all deserve one from time to time. (Try to lay in a bunch of your favorite treats and dvds before it happens, though - and maybe yarn?) You're a sweetie.

Jeanne said...

Congrats on the iPod! I love mine and listen to it everyday. I like the Sticks and Strings podcast, KnitWit and of course Cast On. If you use iTunes do a search - there a bunch of them! Hope things get easier for you and that you have some downtime soon!

Leanne said...

You'll love the iPod! You must definitely listen to Cast On. Before my last trip, I downloaded all of the back episodes and listened to them all. It's a great podcast. I also really like Lime & Violet and Sticks & Strings. I listen to others as well, but those are the ones I listen to as soon as a new episode is available.

J. said...

reschedule it for July so that at least you can have it on in the warm summer sun, hopefully near a lake! Hang in there.

wanna-baaa said...

I can't believe there are knitting podcasts. :)