Thursday, November 2, 2006

Carrying on fine family traditions

My grandmother had the most brilliant way to keep flat pieces of knitting safely out of the way.

First, my new-to-me couch which I am in LOVE with and is quite possibly the most perfect napping couch ever!!!!

Close up detail of the middle of said couch...but wait! What's this????


When I was little we'd go and visit my grandmother and sneak a peek under the cushions to see what was in the works. Under my cushions I have a delicious bit of's a closer view.

That's Mission Falls 1824 Wool and I absolutely love knitting with it. It's superwash merino and I gotta say, I don't think it gets any softer than this.

And cables? I get cables in a way I can only hope lace starts to make sense to me. I don't know if its because I can see so clearly what's going on and I "get" how the pattern works or what...but if I could only see lace the same way I'd have no problem...

And now...some fleece porn my friends. Here is the rambouillet...about as clean as I can get it without hand picking it.

So...2 things...

First...I'm not a sheep-to-shawl spinner-knitter. I'm more of a pre-processed roving-to-shawl spinner-knitter. And given how much I hate cleaning and laundry I've decided I'm pretty much okay with that.

Second...what's lurking in your couch?


miss ewe said...

Oooh! What is that beautiful green bit of cabling going to be when it grows up? It looks great!

Renee said...

Very nice knitting. Cables make more sense than lace to me too. I'm not sure why.

My cushions are attached to my couch. All I have are a few crumbs and some lint that eeks in between the cushions. It's a bummer because that's a great idea.

stitch-dom said...

I'm afraid the lovely cabled green goodness must remain a mystery for now!

Jeanne said...

The cabling is beautiful - come on, tell us what its going to be! Good idea on storing knitting under the couch - but I'm not sure it would work at my house since the kids seem to get a lot under the cushions.

wanna-baa said...

I am definitely impressed (and slightly salivating?) by the cabling! and I love the blue hat. I put a touque on the other day and I don't think I've heard Luke giggle so much since he figured out "peekaboo".
Mental note to self - visit Ottawa and check under couch cushions for possible take-home loot while hostess is in the bathroom.