Wednesday, November 8, 2006

10 ways to know that you knit/spin too much

10 ways to know that you knit/spin too much:

1. You know what steeking is…and even if you don’t dare try it, you do know that you get to keep your clothes on when you do it.

2. You’ve been slapped with a restraining order after staring at someone’s sweater for a long time trying to figure out if it’s a handknit or not.

3. You buy yarn for the “workmanship” even though its only about 60 yards in a colour you’d never use and cost a fortune.

4. You consider leaving your young children at home alone to attend a gathering of knitters just because you really really really need to be among your own kind.

5. Your ten-minute bus ride seems like a one-hour ordeal to hell and back because you either a) forgot your knitting at home or b) its too packed too knit without bruising the person beside you with your elbow.

6. Sharp metal circular needles are The. Best. Thing. Ever. And you’d be willing to wrestle naked to prove it.

7. The words “…so I cast on the sleeve…” from a co-worker sounds like a choir of angels.

8. If you are a new-ish knitter…you look at the bags and bags of acrylic and wonder just what the hell you were thinking when you bought that crap.

9. You remember that the acrylic is an excellent source of “lose-able mittens” for the kids if you were willing to invest the time to make mittens that could so easily be lost.

10. When your child loses their school agenda…you casually wait three weeks to inquire if it’s been found or if you can buy a new one. When your child loses a handknit sweater the first time he wears it to school…you are on the doorstep at 7 a.m. when the school secretary shows up to unlock the door and then you call every ½ hour to see if the “damn child has found it yet.”


Moi in Vancouver said...

Ummm, i think you forgot a really important one...

you blog about it ;-)

Jeanne said...

Too funny - and very true! I guess I knit/spin too much!

Renee said...

I am SO feeling number four. I even entertain the idea that when Claire hits three she'll have the attention span and find motor skills to learn to knit and then I can be with my kind without leaving home. I'm outta my mind.