Thursday, August 17, 2006


Me: Toilet paper all over the floor? Or is it Art?

Shadow: Like I care. I had my two minutes of fun and by the time you got home any diciplinary action on your part would make no sense to me because my the size of a walnut.

Me: (sigh) Boys!

Shadow: I may be vicious, hyper and a poor listener, but if I had an opposable thumb, I'd probably do a better job of keeping the kitchen clean!

Me: Okay, so my housekeeping skills aren't up to your standards. That has no bearing on whether or not the vet has his way with you next week. I will prevail.

Shadow: Fine. Its not like those other two wanted to get it on anyway. Besides, I can still climb the screen door, eat off your plate and beat you up whenever I want...

Me: Provided I keep the bedroom door open and don't lock you in the bathroom when you are naughty.

Shadow: You and your bathroom threats. The bathroom doesn't scare me! Remember?

Me: you do realize that those flowers are fake?

Shadow: Now see, I thought you'd be more worried about the gravity vs. breakable stuff situation. Your concern is touching though.

Me: Vet. Neutering.

Shadow: What-eveh!


Renee said...

Oooh, he's defiant. Laughing in the face of certain castration. Bold fellow. Bold indeed!

P.S. I hope Claire is lovely to Jillian when she gets bigger. Today she freaked out because Jillian was in HER stroller and I expected her to actually walk somewhere....sigh.

wanna-baa said...

HA! And you thought you were done parenting a rearranging toddler. We are living parallel toilet-paper-covered lives. But I can't use the camera as someone makes a run for the buttons, so I have no proof of my disaster life...

wanna-baa said...

(and I have no neutering threat to fall back on!)

stitch-dom said... do. But I gather its frowned upon?

miss ewe said...

cute kitty. i like his c-attitude.