Monday, June 26, 2006

My balcony is a thing of beauty


I nearly killed myself but it was so so so very worth it. Pics to follow when I get the camera back to my dad and get him to download the before and afters.

But, while my balcony is lovely to behold, I almost died because a) it wass HOT AS HELL working up there on Saturday, b) I am very out of shape and c) it took us way longer to get the gazebo up than it should have AND we still made a really embarrassing mistake…a mistake wherein we couldn’t figure out why the top of the gazebo was only supposed to float on top of the posts since the damned bolts just weren't fitting in the holes!!!

And then my dad came for dinner and when I explained the problem and he asked if we had possibly, maybe, could have put the posts on upside down at which point I nearly started to cry cause I couldn’t believe how DUMB we’d been. But I digress.

The balcony is a thing of beauty.

If you ignore the 1/3 that is going to be a working area behind some fencing I’m going to rig up…

There is a lovely outdoor green carpet and a nice gazebo. My chairs were spray painted red, blue and yellow…and I scored a set of cheap shelves and a green side “table” that is really a hinged box at the second hand store. The table got sprayed yellow. I put up fairly lights inside the gazebo and hung up some plants…some real, some not. We planted some herbs in kid,s play buckets so now Madeline, Alex and the cat are all tripping out on fresh chives.

The only blight on the landscape are the ugly cement cinder blocks. I suppose I could always knit up some nice felted cinder block cosies…

I am thrilled to have this incredible, welcoming space for all of us to enjoy and finally have an outdoor room that I don't have to pretend isn't there.

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pictures! pictures! need pictures!!