Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Up until now I've been a spindler-ster...but I'm about to go and test drive some spinning wheels! I am so stoked.

My credit card is quietly crying in my purse but until it wails loudly I'm going to ignore it.

Last night I did some 'sperimenting with dye. I bought Colour in Spinning (Deb Menz - awesome book if you're thinking about spinning and dying your own stuff). The problem is that she uses Sabraset so all her dye formulas use those (as opposed to the possibly cheap crap I bought online). The other issue is that she uses weight measures to figure out her quantities and my 15 year old Weight Watchers scale isn't exactly designed to weigh to the 1/4 gram.

But I was inspired and decided that I need to establish my own baseline numbers using measured quantities. So last night we can now dub Magenta Tuesday because I started with a standard quantity of 1/2 a tsp per 100 g of wool roving. Then I cut the dyebath in 1/2 and then 1/2 again so I have three tones (hues? I can never remember which) of magenta.

In case you missed the point (and possibly glazed over after the word "gram") I now have 300 grams of unspun bright magenta wool.

So I need a wheel.

Or I'm going to drown in wool.


wanna-baa said...

Uh Oh, Spinning Wheel Test Drives... You should just get it over with and have MasterCard sponsor your blog :)

stitch-dom said...

They said no. Apparently if they sponsor my blog then they'll have to sponsor everyone's blog. I hate bureaucracy.