Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Am I going grey too?

I’ve been away from the blog…but busy. I love me a four day weekend! Last week was a bit nuts at work, and this week won’t be any better but I’m hoping that with some rest and time away, some of my co-workers will be less cranky. Wayyyy less cranky. Cause…well…lets not get me dooced, but let’s just say it hasn’t been pretty.

So I’m a little crazy. How do I know this? Cause in two days I bought this…and one of these.

Spinning. Knitting. Three cats. REALLY messy house.

Its all adding up to a less than pretty picture. I may never date again. Ever.

But, I went to see a friend and felt much better after the following conversation.

Me: Have you ever bought something just to put a smile on your daughter’s face? A “live” something?

Friend: Yup…that’s how I ended up with two guinea pigs.

To explain.

Spinning wheel…planned…300 grams of magenta roving demanding to be spun. Does anyone have any ideas for this stuff? Especially since my first spun stuff is likely going to be extremely wonky. And to think some people pay a fortune for thick-thin yarn! Don’t they know its all spun by beginners?.

Kitten…not planned. 15 ounces of pure black cuteness. 5 ½ weeks old so for all intents and purposes orphaned. Teeth and claws like needles. Seems to enjoy sucking on my neck despite lack of discernible milk. The kids named him Shadow (of course). I call him the Real Slim Shady in their absence since they just look at me blankly when I say it.

Moral of the Story

Don’t ever ever ever let me out of the house with my purse after an especially bad day at work. It leads to kittens.

It occurs to me that thinking that buying a kitten is a sign of self-destructive tendencies may indicate that my judgement of these things is a bit skewed.

Of course the alternative could be worse. The alternative where I develop a nasty heroin habit and sell my children’s clothing and toys to get my next hit.

Can one person’s self-destruction wrapped up in a neat little black bundle of furriness?

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts and minds of men? The Shadow knows!!!!

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wanna-baa said...

Okay, what I think your subconscious is trying to do is have you save money by spinning cat fur. Congratulations on both!!