Thursday, April 6, 2006

Rants and raves

Miscellaneous rants, raves, complaints and whines...

  • I want to knit that damn scarf...I'm tormented.
  • I ordered a cell phone and I'm afraid I won't be able to use it because I didn't even understand most of the description of said phone. But its pretty. And hopefully it will ring.
  • I need a digital camera. Because you probably want pics right? And I could probably blow you away with the sheer number of "on the needles" project not to mention my stash which occupies a three-drawer dresser. Yarn porn for everyone!
  • I dyed some beautiful blue roving and since it was a "dye-over" its felted up a bit. I'll have to pre-draft a LOT to make it spinnable. And of course I'll put it away for a while because I'm a bit scared I won't be able to spin it at all and rather than face that I'll just avoid it. I'm not sure where I got this really useful coping mechanism from but it doesn't exactly lend itself to confronting now does it.
  • Which reminds me that I really really really want a spinning wheel cause I like my spindle but but but...its just not expensive enough for me apparently.
  • I would like to confidently add stuff to the sidebar in this blog but I'm afraid to mess with the programming and end up erasing the whole damn thing.
  • Which reminds me (again)...anyone care to enlighten me as to how to add a button so it isn't just a jpeg but has the link too? Like you know, when you join a web-list and want to add the button so others can visit it too?
  • How is it that back in '93 just having a computer and belonging to newsgroup was the height of computer savvy and now I'm afraid to "open" my computer because its gotten so much smarter than me?
  • Don't get me couldn't pay me to draft documents in pre-Windows/wysiwyg days again.

And here...for your edification is a list of current projects:

Sweater for Alex-son - one arm left, blocking, finishing and knitting the neck. Oh, and the dreaded zipper. A moment of silent hopefulness (if you please) that the entire thing won't be destroyed by the zipper. I'm so afraid I haven't even bought one yet. Its that bad.

Cute cardi for Madeline. Totally adorable from Sirdar but small gauge for me! Have been knitting FOREVER. Back is done the left front...much much more to do. Knitting it in Patons Astra..argh! Need camera!

A lovely shawl based on this pattern in winter inspired colorway (Lang Pearl in Turquoise and White as well as Patons CiCi and Pooch for texture). Gorgeous but I had to put it on a holder to knit....

A Very Harlot Poncho for Adesia - my niece - knitting in Lion Brand Jiffy Thick and Quick - will have to be suitably renamed for an 8 year old. This one has a deadline since her birthday is in May.

And if I do one for Adesia - then of course I must knit one for Madeline - using gorgeous wool I bought last weekend at Romni, aka the biggest freakin' yarn store I have ever seen. When I regained consciousness...I had $145 worth of books, magazines and yarn. And many thanks to you-know-who-you-are for being such a great enabler.

Pair of socks for me in Cascade Fixation using this delightful pattern from Knitty.

And a variety of cool swatches as I play with my newly spun stuff, old stuff etc never really ends...


miss ewe said...

OMG... if you figure out the sidebar and button thing, could you let me know??? I want to add some of those oh-so-cutesy buttons too but I haven't the foggiest!
(secretly glad it's not just me... I'm quite certain p-g would have had no trouble with this)

stitch-dom said...


you are so right...p-g would rock the sidebar.

Dark&Mysterious? said...

Yay, I'm an enabler!! oh, that's not necessarily a good thing?
You are killing me anyway with your computer skills (let alone the knitting skills) so you can safely feel quite superior even if you don't figure out the darn sidebar & buttons

miss ewe said...

Okay... give this a try.

I managed to get some up on mine with a wee bit of creative info-seeking. I only put three up til my brain was exhausted so I will add more later.
If that doesn't help let me know and I'll e-mail you the code for the template section after the smoke stops coming out of my ears.

a wanna-baa said...

(wanna-baa = what a certain blogging person turned me into, dragging me into Romni, where I was overcome with the yarn fumes and expereienced an extremely unexpected urge to knit)

... a question occurs - do you take your Knitting into therapy or would that entail too much frogging afterwards (of the kitted item or your brain, you choose).

stitch-dom said...

miss ewe - thank you!!! When work stops this whole crisis-a-minute thing, i'll take a look at that site.

and wanna-baa - I'm gonna turn you into a knitter yet! wanna-baa junior would love love love to play with yarn!