Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Hungry...and getting really impatient

Nothing new there…just the usual state of affairs. Fortunately I’m surrounded by pregnant women at work and they are ALWAYS hungry (or nauseous) so I don’t seem like a total freak of nature.

I just fell in love with this pattern and trying to figure out if there are any fuzzy non-wool/mohair yarns I could use. Unfortunately the world seems to love worsted/aran etc. and I’m left hunting for something that doesn’t seem to exist at a price point lower than $25 a skein ( a SMALL skein). Moral of story: must learn to spin fuzzy yarn now.

Cat soaps at 3:30 at my house. The show needs a title: As the Kitten Tumbles? The Young and the Furry?

Amber (shown in picture at right) is tolerating Shadow with a mixture of disdain and concern. I can’t go into the kitchen without pitiful howling (where’s dinner…I’m gonna die without diiinnnnnnneeeerrrrrrrrrrrr) and Amber has started to mimic Shadow and look at me with this look that says “please feed him…he needs food…I’m concerned you are never going to feed him again. And if you stop feeding him, maybe you’ll stop feeding me…”

Yesterday she caught him by the neck to calm him down…odd. She tried to help him perform a futile jailbreak from the bathroom where I banished him after he persistently and none too gently tried to eat my nachos. I have never had a cat show such interest in people food.

Lace knitting continues and I seem to have mastered the trellis pattern…now I have to do it 18 more FRIGGING times before its all done. So now I’ve reached the stage where I don’t wanna anymore but I know I’ll keep at it because I’ve already invested so much time that I can’t bear to quit. The worst part is…I’m not sure I like how the stripe is shaping up in the pattern…after ALL THAT!!!! I suspect that I will soldier on and wear it anyway. And I will LIKE it. Yes I will. I will will myself into liking it.

Finally - I want my wheel!!!!!!! Waiting is not a good state for people like me. In other words, people with poorly developed skills at delaying gratification. People who eat takeout sushi in the car because they can't wait to get home. People who wear new shoes out of the store because the old ones suck. People who eat the whole box of Oreos because saving some for later is lame and doesn't satisfy the desire for Oreos RIGHT now.

Thanks for reading.


northtwilight said...

Tif's cat is fascinated by corn flakes. I don't understand why, but I think it is a good thing. Cats are genetically programmed to eat pretty much meat only, so some variation on the diet is nice.

stitch-dom said...

I'm sure they appreciate it too...although I've been looking at the whole raw foods diet thing for cats. Its intriguing and obviously the cats are healthier. But I can barely stand the wet food as it is. I can't imagine making it!

northtwilight said...

Just don't try to turn the cats into vegetarians. Dogs can do it (just about), but cats? Won't work.

Besides, if you try, they will turn to you and attempt to munch your arms off.

stitch-dom said...

Oh ick...but now you've reminded me of something. When I was working for the OPP (post-McGill) on a murder investigation I remember reading the officer's notes about how the cat was found "interfering" with the body.

Morbidly I feel better knowing that in the event of an accidental death when I am at home alone, the cats would survive.