Friday, May 30, 2008


From my email...

From: Lisa
To: Monique
Sent: Tue May 27 09:34:40 2008
Subject: made your point!

Found my purse – thanks for putting it in a safe place. Ian didn’t realize it, but there were five people running around the floor for 15 minutes looking for it. I was on the phone trying to get through to VISA to cancel my card when Ian clued in to what was happening and came to tell me you had hidden it.
So…now that I know exactly what its going to feel like to have my purse stolen, I’ll do a better job of putting it away somewhere safe!I just wish my pulse would return to normal.
From: Monique
To: Lisa
Sent: May 27, 2008 9:37 AM
Subject: Re: made your point!

Shit -- I was supposed to send you an e-mail when I got back to my desk. Sorry, I didn't want to cause a heart attack - I'm just concerned about your stuff - you have knitting in your purse!!!!!
To: Monique
From: Lisa
Sent: May 27, 2008 9:38 AM
Subject: RE: made your point!

I must admit, my first thought before the "I have to replace all my cards" and "someone could steal my identity!" was, "Damn it, my knitting is gone - now what am I going to do on the bus!"


Jeanne said...

LOL - too funny! Knitting is really important...after all, you can always replace credit cards! What happened with your meeting with your director?

moi in Vancouver said...

HaHa. I can totally see you and hear you! I'm with Jeanne, what happened in your meeting? Inquiring minds want to know...