Monday, November 19, 2007


"Um...Miss? Back in here in the last row! Waving my hand in the air!!!"

Many apologies to everyone for not posting, commenting on other blogs or even, really, knitting much at all.

Normally I'd skip the excuse and get to the good stuff...except there is no good stuff, only the excuse.

I am renovating the kitchen. Yes, still.

I am in the third circle of hell. How do I know this?

First, there is no running water.
Second, there is no counter upon which to put my screwdriver which is probably why I keep losing it.
Third, I am glad I got my tetanus shot booster.
Finally? There's no yarn here and the last time I picked up a knitting needle was to clear the vacuum hose that was clogged with bits of vintage linoleum.

Please save me.


betseydoodle said...

There's always the guild meeting tonight.... would that be a sufficient enough "getaway"

Lisa said...

Sigh...I wish...will be eating with the children at my parents - doing homework and then rolling everyone home and to bed. Hoping to make Wednesday night though!

J. said...

see don't let anyone tell you that knittng needles only have one purpose!
Hope tp see you Wed.

T said...

Would some fudge help? Just say the word.

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

hmmmm...sounds like you need some quality time with some exotic fibre...