Monday, October 1, 2007

Stopping by with thank yous!

Thanks to everyone for the insightful and supportive comments on my earlier post. I am feeling more at peace now that some time has passed and I've come to accept a new phase of being in my own skin. Its pretty damned comfortable here (if slightly roomier than I like!).

My last two weeks have been unbelieveably busy but here are the highlights...

1. I don't normally blog about work or even brag about it, but I was the lead on the team that did the focus group testing, branding and creative for this. And last week we got an award for it!

2. I made two trips to Toronto in two weeks (please don't ask how much time I spent in the car - I'm still having post-traumatic stress disorder reactions). The good thing was a very fruitful trip to Romni which may have resulted in some spending. For once I went there with an agenda in mind - I wanted fiber for Henry, Charade (scroll down a bit to see the lovely ribbon cardi wrap from Annie Modesitt's Romantic Handknits book) and more Noro Kureyon for Lizard Ridge.

I couldn't afford the Berroco Zen at $13-$15 per ball. I needed 1o balls so I went on a hunt around the store for a worsted weight ribbon. I found Romni's own labeled brand in 100% silk - more yardage per ball (I only needed 7) and only $7.99 each. I wasn't keen on any of the colours so I grabbed white white and will dye it myself.

For Henry I got (be still my heart) - Lana Grossa Seta Cashmere - gorgeous! And yes I've cast on and damn are those rows EVER LONG!!!

3. open house! I trekked back into Toronto from Whitby on Saturday to get to this sale. I have been desperately wanting the Latvian Mittens book ever since the Harlot knit a pair (remember the ones where she ended up with two right-handed mittens?) a while back. Plus I am obsessed with really complicated colourwork mittens.

I might have also slightly enhanced the stash with this and this (scroll down to see the wool) in black to make it out of.

4. Ava and Luke - I had a lovely time cuddling the little ones at wannabaa's (of the comments). Luke is definitely 2 but not terrible at all - he so energetic and the way he talks totally cracks me up. Ava is adorable. Which is a good thing because Ava is not the happiest baby and at this point I suspect that a fierce maternal sense of responsibility and the cuteness might be the only things keeping her from going out with the trash once a week. Having a newborn is hard enough...a newborn determined not to sleep and only soothed by nursing or being carried a certain way quickly drains a whole lot of joy from the whole experience. Hopefully she'll get happier when she can more and express herself more clearly. In the meantime, send good thoughts to wb - she needs 'em!

Hopefully soon again...with pictures. Not much in the way of FOs and way too many UFOs but it does make for interesting blogging.


Leanne said...

Nice job on the work thing! I'm amazed that anyone cam make TBS sound like an interesting place to work (grin). You certainly deserve an award for that!

Henry has been queued. Thanks for the enabling.

Laurie said...

Congrats on the award!

And the stash you need a pat on the back for that? LOL! Well then, Good Job! :-)

Jeanne said...

Congrats on the award! Henry is going to be gorgeous in cashmere...very nice stash building!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

In the 4 years that I've lived in the area, I've only been to the TO area once. I tried to make the pilgrimage to Romni...but alas it just wasn't meant to be. Didn't get to any of the other yarn stores on a scale of 1 - 10, that trip rates a 3.

wanna-baa said...

Okay 1. Miss you this past week. 2. Would go home with Henry anytime. 3. Would kill to walk around in Charade, oh dear I think I want to learn how to knit? 4. Cuteness, maternal responsibility account for 60-70% of Ava not being traded in but 30-40% is only because of sanity (borrowed?) from YOU ... seriously, I don't know where I'd be without your support the past oh 3 years, past few months in particular?
p.s. someone snuck in and exchanged my baby, who now more closely resembles the model I ordered...Ava has decided to TRY out smiling and cooing and liking me... past 2 days have been on the balance more happy cute baby than angry screeching baby... dare I hope for more! oo